Where Does Donald Trump Stand to True Conservat...

Conservatives and the entire Republican party are now being mis-represented by a billionaire buffoon who is nothing more than a Democrat in Republican ideals. While Trump has some good points in line with our beliefs, he is way off base in his presentation and attitude.

It takes a lot to get a man out of retirement, especially when it has barely begun. But the Donald’s comments have sparked so much controversy that after only two months of sleeping through the night, the former late night host David Letterman stepped out of retirement specifically to mock Trump. He briefly interrupted Steve Martin and Martin Short’s San Antonio stage show to skewer the Republican candidate.


Looking like he has recently received some very good beard grooming tips, and a nice jar of beard balm, David Letterman jumped onstage to give his thoughts on Trump. He starts by saying he’s happy to be out of the house, but also satisfied with his decision to step down from late night television, at least until he heard that “The Donald” was making a bid for the presidency. For that reason alone, Letterman admits that retirement may have been the biggest mistake of his life.

Of course, no Letterman appearance is complete without a top 10 list, which he dedicated to Trump during his appearance:

No. 10: That thing on his head was the gopher in “Caddyshack.”

No. 9: During sex, Donald Trump calls out his own name.

No. 8: Donald Trump looks like the guy on the lifeboat with the women and children.

No. 7: He wants to build a wall. How about building a wall around that thing on his head?

No. 6: Trump walked away from a moderately successful television show for some delusional bulls— … oh wait, that’s me.

No. 5: Donald Trump weighs 240 pounds — 250 with cologne.

No. 4: Trump would like all Americans to know that that thing on his head is free-range.

Letterman declared No. 3 “a tie.”

No. 3: If president, instead of pardoning a turkey on Thanksgiving, plans to evict a family on Thanksgiving./That’s not a hairdo, it’s a wind advisory.

No. 2: Donald Trump has pissed off so many Mexicans, he’s starring in a new movie entitled “No Amigos.”

No. 1: Thanks to Donald Trump, the Republican mascot is also an ass.

While the list is full of personal attacks it drives home the point that Trump is a man who should not be taken seriously. Not in business, not in his personal life and certainly not in American politics.


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The Healthcare System from a Conservative Viewp...

People have the wrong idea about conservatives and universal healthcare, believing that they are completely against the idea. Here are the truths about conservatives, and what they think universal healthcare should look like:

  1. First off, conservatives know that the old and current healthcare system is in serious need of improvement. We are concerned that the cost of health care and health insurance has risen so much that many are not able to afford it. For a conservative, the key is in bringing down costs. We also feel like programs such as Medicaid and Medicare are not being properly run, and are inefficient at best. There is too much room for fraud there, causing the systems to be in a constant state of financial trouble. As for Obamacare, we do understand that treating the uninsured puts a burden on everyone else as costs rise, but there needs to be a better system put into place.
  2. Conservatives want healthcare to be a free market system, without any type of government intervention. With competition controlling pricing, there will be more opportunity for the people to insist on fair costs. Instead of lowering the quality of healthcare in America the way that Obamacare does, it will create a system where superior health related services are compensated fairly.
  3. Expanding on the services provided by insurance companies will do wonders for the cost of health care. As of now, holistic medicines are not generally covered even though many of these are preventive care that could keep Americans healthier. A low cost plan for the underpriveliged that focuses on these types of medicines would take a lot of the burden of healthcare costs off of the rest of us. For example, natural essential oils are inexpensive and proven to help treat dozens of common illnesses and ailments. By offering the public a cheap insurance that covers the costs of using essential oils as medications, those who can afford more won’t get stuck with the bills of the poor.
  4. Health insurance companies should be allowed to provide discounts for individuals who adopt healthy living choices. The few should be rewarded for avoiding obesity and cigarette smoking, leaving those who engage in unhealthy activities to pay higher premiums. This not only rewards people for staying healthy, it gives those who aren’t an incentive to try.


These are just a few of the ideas that conservative Americans stir around when discussing healthcare in the United States. We are not trying to deny basic health assistance to anyone, but rather make sure that the wealthy are not stuck paying for the rest of the country to be fit.

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How Conservative Americans are Leading the Way ...

Currently, one percent of all Americans are spending their days locked up behind bars. This is a country that leads all others in prison population, despite being the most advanced society in the world. Conservatives are the ones recognizing the problem now, not the bleeding hearts, and for a number of sound reasons besides “it’s not nice to lock people up”.

  • Prisons are sucking up a lot of money. There is no denying this. Most state corrections budgets are wasting about 85% of their money managing prison populations. That is an increase of over 50% since 2001. There has to be a cheaper way to keep people from committing crimes.
  • Freedom is at the soul of every conservative decision. This is true. We don’t like to take away peoples rights, unless they are a true threat to our society. There are other ways to control non-violent criminals, that force them to pay their own way. Like house arrest. Keep them inside eating their own food and washing their own clothes the way we do with underground pet containment systems used to keep our dogs from escaping. A trackable device and a systems operation is a lot cheaper to run then an entire prison. K9 wireless fences work on dogs, and on a larger scale work on people too.
  • Criminals need to be held accountable for their actions in order for real reform to take place. How difficult is a few months in jail really for a repeat offender. Almost feels like home to them.
  • Justice has to become colorblind. The prison population does not realistically represent the population of America, and this is a problem no matter how you to try and attribute the racial disparity. If black Americans are committing more crimes, then we need to implement social programs to remedy that. If it is a racially biased justice system that is causing this, then that is an even larger issue prisonthat cannot continue.
  • Victims deserve to be compensated, and that is not going to happen when the criminal is behind bars. If allowed to participate in state governed work programs outside of jail, then they can be forced to at least pay financial restitution to the people they have hurt.
  • As conservatives, we are willing to admit that we made mistakes in the past, and are working towards fixing those. A hard line and 3 strike laws just made the system worse. We accept that as our mistake, and are looking at ways to remedy it.

Our motives may not be induced by sympathy for criminals, but conservatives do recognize that there is a serious problem and are working on ways to change that. Otherwise, the cycle will just continue, and those numbers will take another giant leap forward in the next ten years.

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Understanding the First Two Amendments – ...

In a previous blog post we went over the importance of the First Amendment. In this next post, we want to go over what is probably the most widely attacked, criticized, and debated Amendments, the Second. The Second Amendment is just as important to securing our freedom as an American citizen, but many people seem to think that it is outdated and no longer needed. In this blog post I am hoping to show you why this is not the case, and help everyone understand just what the Second Amendment does, and why we need it.

The Second Amendment states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” What this widely is interpreted as meaning is that each American has the right to own a firearm. You are given this right in order to not only protect yourself, but to protect your country should it come under attack as a part of a militia. Since militias have gone by the wayside, the Second Amendment now is primarily used to give Americans the right to own a gun for any lawful purpose.

While the Second Amendment is important to many Americans, some would like to see it altered or even removed. They feel that this law was written in a time when a gun could only fire 1 bullet per minute, and a militia was an integral part to protecting the country. Now with guns packing the fire power that they do, and the countries military and national guard being where it is, they feel that the Second Amendment does more harm than good.

I am here to tell you that this is not the case however. If you were to take away guns from all the lawful Americans, then the only people remaining with guns would be the government and outlaws. If you want to ensure that you and your family are safe, not only from criminals but from the government, then you need to own a firearm. The key is that if you own a firearm, you need to be responsible with it. You need to keep it away from children until they learn proper gun safety, and you need to use your gun only when necessary. If everyone who owned a gun was able to do this, much of the accidents we hear about on the news would disappear, and the protests against guns would lessen as well.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you no longer need the right to own a gun. The Founding Fathers put this into the Amendments for a reason, knowing that if you ever need to fight for your freedoms, you need the tools required to do so. Just remember to be safe with your guns and to be a responsible gun owner. If we can all do that, making our case when defending the Second Amendment will go over a lot better.

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Understanding the First Two Amendments – ...

It is probably not much of an exaggeration to say that the first two Amendments to the U.S Constitution are the most important ones. Combined, they establish two central principles that are essential to the American way. However, many people do not fully understand what these two Amendments include, or how they impact their lives. To try and clear up the misconceptions once and for all, I thought it would be a good idea to go over both of these Amendments, so that you can get a clearer picture.

First, lets start at the very beginning. When the Constitution was first drafted, many in the legislative bodies felt that it did not do enough to protect personal freedoms. The idea was the proposed to offer a series of amendments that would go along with the Constitution. After some deliberation, ten of these Amendments were approved, and they became what is now known as the Bill of Rights.

The first of these Amendments states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”. This is the Amendment that guarantees Americans the freedom of speech. It also ensures that the government will not prefer one religion over another, so that any one of any religious belief or lack of belief will be treated the same under the law. This Amendment also says that the government will not silence the press, so that we can havea  reliable third party reporting on the happenings within the government. Lastly, it guarantees us the right to peaceable assemble and make our opinions known. It is with this freedom that we are able to make changes to our country if we so choose, and to live our lives the way we see fit, without interference from the government. This Amendment allows you to essentially say anything you would like, as long as you are not putting another person in danger. For example, it is now illegal to yell “Fire!” in a building without cause. Another misconception is that under this Amendment, you can say whatever you want without consequence. This is also no true. You are legally allows to insult someone to their face, but you cannot do so without fear of repercussion. There are always stories in the news of people who were fired from their jobs for saying something inappropriate. You will hear people claiming that the First Amendment gives them the right to do this, but that is not true. The First Amendment gives them the right to say it and not go to jail, not keep their job.

The First Amendment is essential to the American way of life. If we are not able to express our opinions without fear of the government, then we are not living in a free society. There are some distinctions that people fail to make sometimes between the freedom to say whatever you want with the freedom to say anything you want without consequence. Understanding the difference is an essential step to understanding the First Amendment.

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If They Take Away My Right To Buy a Gun What Ne...

Gun laws have been a source of great debate between liberals and conservatives for decades, luckily with conservatives winning out and our right to own a firearm still protected by the law. This could change one day though, especially if the wrong types of people continue to get their hands on guns and randomly shoot at innocent people in schools and at shopping centers. But do the sins of those few really outweigh our constitutional right to protect our home and family?

In some instances I can see the points made by a liberal regarding gun control, especially when it comes to the qualifications for purchasing a firearm. Should a recently released from a facility mentally ill patient be allowed to buy a gun? No. But how can we enforce that rare instance without with infringing on the rights of the thousands of perfectly sane individuals who are making gun purchases? We really can’t. This is one of those instances where some may have to suffer in order for the masses to overcome. That is just the way of the world and we cannot deny that.

What liberal anti-gun enthusiasts have to understand that once you take that right away, what is next? Kitchen knives are lethal too, should housewives be licensed before they are allowed to buy one, or should we just ban them altogether. After watching The Hunting Games I realize that a simple recurve bow with arrows is also lethal, and painful. Should we shut down every archery camp in the United States and ban the production of recurve bows?

gun control rally hartford ctYou can easily see where I am going with this. Once you start talking about protecting lives over constitutional rights, a snowball effect begins to take place. You suddenly open the door for any individual who has lost a loved one due to senseless violence to protest the source. Soon no one will be allowed to drive, or even own golf clubs and baseball bats as these have all been used by some lunatic at some point to randomly kill another human being.

It is in my humble opinion that the debate over gun control should finally be put to rest. Once you begin stripping people of their rights, it will never stop until we are a lawless society where one does not even have the means to protect their own family, as even rocks will have been removed from my property.

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Finding a Summer Camp That Teaches Conservative...

We can’t keep our children in a bubble forever, and there will come a time when they will be of the mindset to make their own decisions about their future and the future of America. We can however direct them towards our ideals for freedom in the choices we make about the types of programs they are enrolled in as young people. One such opportunity presents itself in the summer, when we choose a summer camp for them to attend.

Faith Based Conservative Camps

You are going to find that the majority of summer camps that promote conservatism are faith based, of almost every denomination. These types of camps blend religion with the children’s activities, stressing the importance of incorporating beliefs into everyday life. Conservative Christian camps are perfect for achieving this as they are representative of what we all hold dear for the future of the United States.

Preparing Your Child for a Conservative Summer Camp

When choosing a conservative summer camp for your kids, don’t be shy about talking to the director and counselors about what their exact curriculum is. Ask them pointed questions about issues you feel strongly about, such as same sex marriage or police brutality, and make sure that their answers match what your beliefs are. Once you have found the right camp, ask about the type of provisions you will need to send your child with.

campSome conservative camps are very basic in nature, asking participants to bring their own family sized tent and sleeping bag to sleep in. Check review sites to find brands and models that are waterproof and durable. Kids grouped together tend to be harder on their personal property then when a child is alone.

You might also be asked to provide a personal Bible for your child, as most of these types of camps will still observe mass on Sundays, even if it is held outside under the sun. They might even give the kids small assignments that involve picking out Bible passages that reflect experiences being had at summer camp.

Also ask about sporting activities. They may have swimming, which will require a bathing suit. You might also need to pack cleats or other types of sports gear if they focus on baseball, soccer or football. You don’t want your child to feel ill-equipped if there is a heavy focus on team sports at their conservative camp.

With luck, your conservative beliefs will be further instilled into your children by having them spend summers surrounded by other children from like-minded families. Choose your conservative camp wisely and you could be nurturing a future Republican candidate worthy of representing the Constitution and the Bible.

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